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You’ve written a book. Now what? Meaningful Publishing will guide you through the publishing process by turning your manuscript into an attractive and professional looking book—one we hope you’ll be proud of. From custom interior layout and cover design to printing and global distribution, we offer services to successfully publish your book into a potential bestseller. Publish your book with Meaningful Publications and take advantage of :


You’ll retain complete rights to your work, including US Copyright. You’ll be in control the entire time throughout the production process. Final choices and approvals are yours. Also, your book will remain in print and be available worldwide as long as you want, unlike one a traditional publisher never gave a true chance to flourish before pulling.

Greater Profits

At Meaningful Productions, you will receive as payment for writing and delivering the book a percentage of the coverprice from the book's sales. Our standard percentage is 6%. While traditional publishers pay a small royalty on net income, we pay a standard percentage of the retail amount of your book, which is based upon the cover price. We want to avoid unexpected, undisclosed “expenses” that are subtracted prior to your royalty percentage being calculated. Instead, you’ll know how much profit to expect for every book sold. We believe compensation in your pocket should be based off of retail price and never off of vague net income calculations. If the coverprice is $20 and you sell 10,000 copies, you should earn approximately $12,000.

Interior Layout

We’ll give your manuscript individual attention from start to publication . We don't use generic templates. All elements, including font, font size, leading, margins, titles, headers, footers, endnotes, and gutters will be expertly and individually addressed.

Cover Design

We’ll custom design a cover for you with your input and and offer possible images, blurbs, excerpts, and endorsements that you might want to include. We think people DO judge a book by its cover, so we'll provide you our best!

Comparison to Print On Demand Companies

If you want your book published without regard to profits and without consideration of professional support, use one of those other Print on Demand (POD) companies that will publish anything you send them, while taking a large percentage of the profits. Also, POD companies do have professional support; but, you'll incur more costs. If you want a professional publisher with access to the international market, then Meaningful Publication is what you need.


We use Ingram for our world-wide distribution. They are the world's largest and most trusted distributor of physical and digital content. They provide books to over 38,000 retailers, libraries, schools and distribution partners in almost 200 countries. Through them, we provide maximum exposure to bookstores with a standard 55% discount. As such, almost every bookstore, including and Barnes & Noble, will be able to purchase and sell your book from Meaningful Publications.

Award Competition and Book Reviews

At Meaningful Publications, we believe every book we choose to publish has the potential of being an award-winning book. As such, we'll submit your book competition in the Independent Publisher Book Awards, International Book Awards, and ForeWord Book of the Year Award. If you want to submit your book for other book awards, please let us know and we'll discuss the details and additional costs.

In addition to awards, we'll submit your book for potential book review consideration to the following: ForeWord Review, Library Journal, Booklist Review, Bloomsbury Review, Midwest Book Review, and Choice. Unlike the practices of vanity publishers such as Author House, iUniverse, Tate Publishing, Vantage Press, and Xlibris, we believe that a purchased review has absolutely no credibility; it actually diminishes the reputation of both the book and the author, rather than bolstering it.

Additional Support

Each book we publish will receive the following additional support:

  • Multiple book formats: hardcover, paperback, and electronic books (e.g. ePub, Kindle, Nook).
  • Pursue audiobook contract on behalf of the author.
  • Book preview on Google Books.
  • Unique ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for each book format.
  • Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN).
  • US Copyright.
  • Publisher’s Cataloging-In-Publication (PCIP), giving librarians all the information they need to quickly add a record for the book to their database or card catalog. This means improved service to library users (and happy librarians).
  • A MARC (machine-readable cataloging) record delivered to both OCLC and SkyRiver (cataloging utilities) so that librarians can almost instantly add your title to their local database.
  • Professional copyeditting of your entire manuscript for all typos, spelling errors, punctuation misuse, style inconsistencies, and grammatical/structural issues for books up to 50,000 words. $0.01 per word in excess of this.
  • Unique website page on
  • We’ll provide a press release for your book.
  • Prior to the book going to the press, you'll receive a proof of each to approve.
  • Five free copies of the book upfront, both hardcover and paperback.
  • As the author, you will be able to purchase each book with an author discount of 60%. You'll be responsible for shipping expenses, and no royalty will be paid from these purchases.
  • Five years catalog book listing. Additional years at $30 per year (depending upon cost at the time).

Publication Package Cost

For everything listed above, if we agree to publish your book, the cost to you is $2,450.

Book Proposal Submission

We always welcome book proposals, whether from first-time or more experienced authors. We like to know as much about your proposed book as possible. Please contact us with the following information. To help us make a quick and informed decision, include as much information as possible, including details about the content, a chapter plan, aims and objectives, the intended market and the competition.

  1. Proposed title and subtitle
  2. Brief description of the book's scope and content. Include what makes your book distinctive and describe its benefits. What is this book different than other books on the market?
  3. Proposed content. Please include a chapter by chapter synopsis of the book's contents and the main thesis.
  4. Please indicate the primary market of the book, including genre.
  5. List any book that will compete with your book. Include any key benefits that your book will provide over and above these other books that would persuade potential customers to buy it.
  6. When do you plan to complete writing the book? About how many words will it contain? Will you include illustrations and tables? If so, how many of each. Also, do you plan to use an index and references?
  7. Do you have the legal right to publish the text, illustrations, tables, and other information in the book? For example, do you have permission from any owners of the information? If so, what is the information?
  8. Contact information: name, address, email, and phone number (including best time to call).

We'll also be happy to receive your Resume (and that of any co-authors/editors) and any sample material, if available. If we don't contact you after 45 days, please assume that your book doesn't meet our high standards for publication.