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Dr. Scott S. Haraburda has worked in a variety of engineering and management positions throughout the United States. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Indiana. With senior-level management and leadership experience, he has successfully completed several projects with significant improvements in program costs, schedules, and performance, most of which have been documented in his publications. He is also a retired military officer from the US Army. In addition to several senior military leadership positions, Dr. Haraburda has served in various military assignments including engineering and contingency contracting positions within the Korean Theater, research and development positions in the United States, logistics support operations within Kuwait, and teaching chemistry at West Point. Including publishing over 30 technical or management related articles, Dr. Haraburda was awarded two US patents.

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apocalypse, christianity, cults, ethics, history, leadership, martyrs, morality, prophets, punishment, stoicism, wisdom

non-fiction, religion, philosophy


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2013 International Book Awards, Finalist in General Religion

2014 Reader Views Choice Award, Second Place in Humanities

Christian Controversies: Seeking the Truth
Publication Date: March 11, 2013

“The Greatest is Love.” God wants us to love our neighbors. If this is the premise of being Christian, then why do thousands of denominations claim to be the “right and true” one, implying that all others are false? The author searches for truth and explores real world issues concerning Christians throughout history and today, and the future of Christianity in this ever-changing world.

Join the author as he challenges you to think outside of your comfort zone and questions what you might have been told not to question about the Word of God. This book contains many facts and true stories, some you might recognize and some from the author’s own life, as he logically discusses controversial subjects such as a Perfect Bible, sex, lying, killing, ethics, Christian leadership, Bible-thumping judgment, and women’s rights.

Do you want to be a better Christian? Is it a sin to question and explore what you have been led to believe by Christian leadership? Should religion be handed down from one generation to the next without question?And how can we trust our Christian leaders to guide us to the Light? This book is intended to help you gain the insight needed to identify and protect yourself from those who proclaim to be Christian but who might misinterpret the Bible and use the Word for self-gain, or to hurt you and others.

It is well documented and written in easy-to- understand language to arm you with the knowledge you need to discuss Scripture in an educated and meaningful way, and to develop a real-world perspective of Christianity; a must-read for all who profess to be Christian!